Aesthetics Specialist

VAMA Medical Health Center

Kafilat Adewunmi, D.O / MBA

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician & Aesthetics located in UNION, NJ

Aesthetics is a fast-growing industry. More people are turning to noninvasive, non-surgical solutions to treat skin and hair conditions quickly and effectively with little to no downtime. Kafilat Adewunmi, DO, MBA, is a family practice specialist at VAMA Medical Health Center in Union, New Jersey, who uses laser technology for wrinkle reduction, vascular, and hair removal treatments. Book an aesthetics consultation today over the phone or through the online booking tool.

Aesthetics Q & A

What is laser hair removal?

VAMA Medical Health Center offers laser hair removal with the Cynosure® Elite+™ to target and destroy the follicles responsible for hair growth. It’s a non-surgical, noninvasive aesthetics treatment that doesn’t damage the surrounding skin and is virtually painless. 

The Elite+ treats areas of unwanted hair growth on the:

  • Face
  • Legs
  • Bikini line
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Arms

Each treatment lasts between five and 60 minutes, depending on how large the treatment area on the body. 

Usually, between three and six treatments give you the best results. You need multiple sessions because hair grows at different rates, and one session alone won’t treat all hair follicles. As treatment continues, you can expect hair to thin or stop growing altogether.

What are the available aesthetics vascular treatments?

Vascular aesthetics treatments address skin conditions like rosacea, spider veins, and varicose veins. VAMA Medical Health Center uses the Elite+ advanced laser technology to target and destroy vessels that cause visible veins and redness. 


Rosacea affects over 16 million Americans. It causes blood vessels in the face to become visible, making it appear flushed or red. Some people also develop small, pus-filled bumps. 

Laser technology uses the skin’s natural healing properties to produce smoother, more even-looking skin. The laser targets areas of redness and when the cells heal, they’re healthy, leaving your skin glowing.

Vein treatments

Veins can twist and swell, which restricts blood flow. When this happens, veins become visible on the skin’s surface. Laser technology damages the problem vein and creates scar tissue. The scar tissue blocks the vein and prevents it from receiving blood flow. Over time, the vein dies, leaving no trace.

Vascular aesthetics treatments take between five and 30 minutes, and you need between three and six treatments.

What is a wrinkle reduction aesthetics treatment?

VAMA Medical Health Center can treat fine lines and wrinkles with the Elite+ laser as well. The laser delivers pulses of light energy deep into the skin’s sub-layers; as the body heals, it builds new tissue that has an even texture and fewer wrinkles.

Results vary by patient. Some people need only one treatment, whereas others may have two or three before they’re satisfied. You can discuss the effect you’re hoping to achieve during your appointment at VAMA Medical Health Center before you begin treatment.

For glowing features, a smoother complexion, or younger-looking skin, partner with VAMA Medical Health Center. To find out more about the range of laser aesthetics treatments the practice offers, book an appointment through the website or over the phone.